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Vishwa Yoga

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Ayur Yoga - Attune to your Life Force

It is an ancient understanding that the qualities of your life are driven by the daily choices you make, no matter how small they are, you are affected by everything including food, lifestyle, and environment.  Ayurveda is considered the oldest wellness system and sister science of yoga from ancient India. Ayuh means life and Veda means knowledge. The knowledge deals with the nature, scope, and purpose of life. It is an art of daily living and offers a profound understanding of each person's unique body.

In this workshop, you will first get a high-level introduction about Ayurveda. Then you will understand the set of unique life force elements (prana vayus) that govern your nervous system such as from blinking of eyes, heartbeat, digestion to the elimination process. Thus, you will identify and determine the state of different life forces in your body. 

So, you will also learn about prana vayus, its location, movement, and functions. How each of them impacts our health, and what are the tools and techniques to improve them. If any of these Vayu are not in balance state, it will gradually impact your health. So, you will learn to further modify your yoga practice & lifestyle to regulate the specific life force along with your constitution as needed for your optimum health.

Note: The workshop is open to all, previous experience of Ayur Yoga series is a plus.
Theory(Lecture)/Practice Ratio: 50/50
Required Props:
Yoga Mat and Cushion/Blanket
Optional Props:
Notebook and Pen, Yoga Blocks and strap (if you need it)
Prior experience of Yoga practice