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A healthy body, stress-free mind, and peaceful soul is the greatest gift. Vishwa offers following classes and workshops. Most classes are level based to help a student to progress gradually. A class or workshop duration can vary from 1-3 hours. For private class or workshop please contact or email:


 Day  Time  Location  Level
 Sunday  4:30 PM - 5:30 PM  Marietta, GA  All Levels
 Wednesday  8:00 PM - 9:00 PM  Marietta, GA  All Levels

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[Duration of each workshop: 2 - 3 hours]
Tantric Yoga Series - Body (Posture/Asana) centered Practices 
At the core, Tantric Yoga includes the practices of body, breath, and mind. These practices include a variety of tools and techniques which are built systematically - from preparation, stability, movement, and transcendence. 

1. Body Purification & Preparation Practice (Yogya Sadhana) - Pure Tantric Hatha Yoga practices for body purification and strengthening. This includes Shatkarma practices and body strengthening Asana Practices. This is the foundation of Tantric Hatha Yoga Practice. It increases the free flow of energy, improves digestion, taste, vitality, and concentration. Choose your food based on the Gunas (nature or quality) for a healthy a body and mind.

2. Mind Stability & Clarity Practice - Lunar/Moon (Chandra Sadhana) - Using the methods of classical Yoga, this practice activates the lunar force to invoke your inner strength to cultivate calmness and stability by using Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation. This is the foundation of Sun Practice. It enhances the power of the mind for steadiness, stability, clarity, intuition, resolve, courage and self-awareness. Learn about layers of our mind.

3. Energetic Practice - Solar/Sun (Surya Sadhana) - Using the tools of Prana Yoga, expand the relationship of Prana (life force) and Nadi (energy channels), understand the forces of Yogic Vitality. Activate the solar force by connecting to Prana for cultivating more energy and strength using Asana, Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra, Mantra, and Meditation. This is the foundation of Fire Practice. It increases your vitality, enthusiasm, power, expansiveness and subtle awareness.

4. Spiritual Practice - Kundalini/Fire (Agni Sadhana) - Tantric Hatha Yoga weaving into Kundalini Yoga to ignite the Kundalini Shakti, which is the essence of yoga. You will understand Bhutagni and Rudrani. Awaken the sacred energy channel Sushumna using Asana, Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra, Mantra, Kriya, and Meditation, Empower the practice to unlock our dormant potentials. The tradition makes clear, it is the ultimate aim of practice. You realize more joy, love, capacity, and freedom within.

The Secrets of Pranayama Series - Breath centered Practices
Pranayama practices are considered 20 times more powerful than physical posture (asana) practices. They must be learned slowly, gradually and systematically. Each level consists at least 10 unique practices.

1. The Basics of Pranayama (Prana Sadhana 1) - You will be introduced to the basics of pranayama, simple yet powerful breathing practices. These practices are the foundation and building blocks of pranayama practice.  

2. The Classical Pranayama
(Prana Sadhana 2) - These are classical pranayama as mentioned in tantric hatha yoga text. You can learn them to use in your personal practice or teach someone who may need it. Depending on the level of student, they are modified. It is also suitable for Yoga Teacher Training students.

3. The Classical Pranayama Plus (Prana Sadhana 3) - These are set of additional pranayama which is used to deepen the classical pranayama practices. Each classical pranayama has supporting pranayama practices as preparation pranayama if done in progressive steps, it deepens and accelerates the effect of classical pranayama practice, healing and transformation.

4. The Advanced Pranayama (Prana Sadhana 4) - A set of unique advanced pranayama as described in Patanjali Yoga Sutra takes your pranayama practices at next level. They include the knowledge of Bandha (Locks) and Mudras (Seals) and their uses. Once the foundation is mastered, advanced pranayama can be practiced.

Note: These breathing practices vary from calm and quiet, to vigorous and powerful. You will know which breathing practice to use when to infuse the body and mind to its highest potential. Understand the vital life force - Prana and its nature. This practice improves self-confidence, tones organ, stimulates the nervous system and purifies energy channels.

The Art of Meditation (Dhyana) Series - Mind centered practices
There are a variety of meditation techniques available for different level to address different needs. No matter where you are in life, a short regular meditation practice can bring a great difference in your daily life. On each level, dozens of meditation practices are available, based on your lifestyle and goal, you can choose what works best for you.

1. Meditation for Beginners (Dhyana Sadhana 1) - These practices are suited for all level, especially for those who find excuses that they can not sit quietly or unable to meditate. These practices may include Active/Dynamic Meditation techniques including seated, standing/ movement based practices.

2. Meditation for Everyone (Dhyana Sadhana 2) -  These practices include classical and tantric meditation techniques, they are mostly seated and can work as the foundation for daily meditation practice. It is also suitable for Yoga Teacher Training students.

3. Meditation for Healing & Transformation (Dhyana Sadhana 3) - Though each meditation has some healing quality. But there are some special meditation techniques, which you can use them for healing & transformation depending on the situations in life.  These practices are mostly seated, may use silence, visualization, contemplation, some movement and/or sound.

4. Advanced Meditation (Dhyana Sadhana 4) -  Advanced meditation techniques are also available who would like to deepen their meditation practice. This requires you to have a commitment to a regular practice.

Note: Understand the process of meditation, types of meditations. Learn how to meditate and/or explore a variety of meditative techniques in a progressive way. To develop your personal practice for inner stillness. Know do's & don'ts. Regular practice of meditation increases immunity, fertility and emotional balance, lowers blood pressure & stress.

 Yoga for Life/Health (Ayurveda) Series - Life Style centered Practices
These workshops are based on Ayurveda, Ayur means life, Veda means knowledge. Ayurveda is the science of nature, largely preventative practice, enhancing self-awareness to help us make choices that support well-being.

1. Yoga for Life 1 (Dosha Sadhana) - Not every yoga class is suitable for everyone. Each of us different and unique constitution. As long we stay close to our natural constitution we stay healthy - physically, mentally and emotionally. This practice will help you understand and find your own unique consituation and thus demystify the yoga practices which will be more suitable for you.

2. Yoga for Life 2 (PranaVayu Sadhana) - There are a set of unique life force (prana vayus) elements which governs our nervous system, from blinking of eyes, heartbeat, digestion to elimination process. If any of these vayu not in the balanced state as needed, slowly and gradually can have the deeper impact on health. In this practice, you will learn to modify the practice to regulate specific life force as needed.

3. Yoga for Life 3 (Saar Sadhana) - This practice brings the first two in perspective along with focusing on increasing the vital essence of the body. Thus help us to have a healthy life with endurance, radiance, and enthusiasm.

Note: By using knowledge of Ayurveda, we find our individual constitution with help of identifying doshas. Then, it helps us to understand what kind of yoga practice, food, lifestyle is more suitable for you to have more healthy and balanced life. These workshops may include self-evaluation quiz e.g. for determining individual constitution, Asana, Bandha, Mudra, Pranayama, and Meditation.

Special Series - Visualization/ Self-Inquiry/Knowledge-centered Practices

1. The Art of Conscious Sleep (Pratyahara Sadhana) - Learn about Pratyahara, Yoga Nidra, and Kosha. It improves relaxation, enforces positivity, and prepares for deeper meditation. A personalized practice can help in changing the negative, irregular or unwanted habits or patterns of mind to more positive and desired one.
2. The Art of Self-Discovery (Atma-Vichar Sadhana) - Learn the unique process of self-discovery to help unfold our true desires, and step towards higher purpose of our life. It included Self-inquiry process, unique Meditations, and Yoga Nidra along with some asana practice.

3. The Language of Yoga (Sanskrit Sadhana) - Learn the basics of Sanskrit Language, how to pronounce the name of asana, chant mantra

4. The Art of Chanting (Mantra Sadhana) - Learn types of Mantras, which one to use, and how to chant and do Japa. How to use Mantra in meditation, asana and pranayama practices. It reduces depression, anxiety, boosts immunity and opens intuition.

5. The Yoga - Evolution to Adoption (Purvayoga Sadhana) - Learn the history of Yoga, Vedic and Tantric perspective. Yoga Masters, Lineages, Types and Styles of Yoga.

(Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours of Practice)

Workshop Name Short Description
1. Fundamentals of Yoga
 -Yoga Step by Step

If you are new to yoga, a beginner, not sure how to do a particular pose, or wish to learn yoga poses step by step, this class is for you. Each pose or practice will be demonstrated and guided step by step. This class can be taken as private session or in a group.
2. Personal Yoga
 -Developing a personal practice

In this practice, a student is evaluated on a personal level, based on where they are, understanding his/her goals and what exactly they need in order to embody the yoga practice for their physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Each session may address focusing and improvising asana, breathing and/or meditation practices. This allows a student to gradually grow on his/her own speed and dedication. It also helps to develop a personal practice, which they can practice at home and continue to move further and discuss in next session. This practice is applicable to the private session only and highly recommended.   
3. Therapeutic / Restorative Yoga

Each session is tailored to address certain health issues like Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Fatigue, Trauma, Insomnia, Digestion, Weight Loss, Flexibility, Infertility, Sexual Health etc. This practice may have a combination of supported and/or gentle posture with props for the Therapeutic result, breath-work and/or hands-on assist. It helps to recover from/or living injury or illness reduces stress and builds vitality.
4. Partner Yoga

Two or more people join together for Yoga Asana Practice. It takes you and your partner deeper with fun, breaks barrier, enhances trust and cultivates relationship
5. Chair Yoga Gentle form of Yoga, a chair is used as support. Regardless of age or flexibility, it helps to improve flexibility, reduce or even eliminate insomnia, arthritis, and constipation.
6. Healing Yoga Heals old wounds/trauma/guilt, improves self-confidence, immune system and relationship. Balances the flow of energy, provides relaxation and reduces stress. This practice uses gentle stretching with assistance and energy work, usually done either in a private session or with a partner in a group setting.
7. Devotional/ Mantra Yoga Anicent Mantra is used along with asana, pranayama and meditation practices. On a physical level, a practitioner should be able to weave into the breath with movement along with sound/chant comfortably and mentally bring a devotional mindset to the practice to be fully present and synchronized in whole practice.


Level Description
Basics For beginners, a safe level to start and explore yoga practice
Intermediate Integrate hatha yoga postures into a vinyasa (flowing from one posture to the next) with some held postures to balance strength and freedom in body, mind, and spirit. Grace, fluidity, and joy grow from the inside out.
All Levels For beginners and experienced students. A safe and supportive environment to establish or deepen your yoga practice that applies to all classes.