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Vishwa offers the following classes and workshops focusing on the important aspect of life. Most classes are level based to allow students to progress gradually. Class and workshop duration can vary from one to three hours. For private class or workshop please contact me directly email:


 Day  Time  Location  Level
 Sunday  4:30 PM - 5:30 PM  LAF, 1453 Terrell Mill Rd, Marietta, GA  All Levels
 Wednesday  8:00 PM - 9:00 PM  LAF, 1453 Terrell Mill Rd, Marietta, GA  All Levels


 Series Name   -  Focus (e.g. Body, Breath, Mind) / Level (Basic - Advance)
1. Radiance of Tantra Yoga
  1. Kindle the Yoga Body (Earth)
  2. Invoke the Inner Transformation (Moon)
  3. Awaken the Power of Possibilities (Sun)
  4. Ignite the Force of Spirit (Fire)
Note: Tantra includes four major yoga systems - Hatha, Laya, Mantra, Raja, and subsystems.
Focus/Level:  Body - Asana, Pranayama & Meditation / Basic to Advance
2. Secrets of Pranayama
  1. Pranayama for Beginners - Intro to Classical
  2. Pranayama for Intermediate - Cultivate & Hold
  3. The Advanced Pranayama - Move Beyond
Focus/Level:  Breath - Pranayama along with Asana & Meditation / Basic to Advance
3. Art of Meditation
  1. Meditation for Beginners – Active & Dynamic
  2. Meditation for Everyone – Classic & Tantric
  3. Meditation for Meditators – Transcending
Focus/Level:  Mind -  Meditation along with Pranayama/ All Levels
4. Art of Daily Living
  1. Align to your Nature - Yoga for Life (Dosha)
  2. Attune to your Life Force - Yoga for Energy (Prana Vauys)
  3. Cultivate your Vital Essence – Yoga for Healing (Subtle-Dosha)
Focus/Level:  Lifestyle - Ayurveda, Asana, Pranayama, Meditation / Basic to Intermediate
5. Art of Fulfillment
  1. The Art of Conscious Sleep – Train your mind using Yoga Nidra
  2. The Art of Self Discovery – Find your path & dreams
  3. The Art of Conscious loving – From Sex to Super-consciousness
Focus/Level:  Desires - Self-Inquiry, Tantra, Meditation / All Levels
6. Exposition of Wisdom
  1. Exposition of Yoga Sutra - The Secret, The Practice & The Meditation
  2. History of Yoga, Mystery of Tantra and Scriptures
  3. The Language and Chant of Yoga
Focus/Level:  Knowledge - Philosophy, Language, Sound / All Levels
7. Personalized Yoga
  1. Developing a Personal Yoga Practice
  2. Therapeutic / Restorative Yoga
  3. Tantric Energy Healing
  4. Tantric Vinyasa Yoga
  5. Partner Yoga
Focus/Level:  Depends on the Session / Depends on Student
A brief detail of each workshop and series is given below

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1. The Radiance of Tantra Yoga Series - Body (Posture/Asana) centered Practices 
In each workshop of this series, first you will get to understand the basic principles followed by the practice. These workshops include a variety of tools and techniques to harness the capacity of the body, breath, mind and beyond. Each workshop becomes the foundation for the next one as you advance to the next level. It weaves the several branches of yoga in a single thread. In this series, you will gradually cultivate the Arogya Shakti, Chitta Shakti, Prana Shakti, and Kundalini Shakti.

1.1. Kindle the Yoga Body - Purification/Strengthening (Yogya Sadhana/ Arogya Shakti) - This workshop is the foundation of a pure tantric Hatha yoga practice for body purification and strengthening. This includes purification techniques (Shatkarma) and body strengthening postures (asana). They help to cultivate the Arogya Shakti to increase the free flow of energy, improve digestion, taste, vitality, and concentration. In this workshop, you will also learn how to choose your food based on the Gunas (nature or quality) for a healthy body and mind. This workshop is also suitable for 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training programs.

1.2. Invoke the Inner Transformation - Moon (Chandra Sadhana/ Chitta Shakti) - this workshop activates the lunar force to invoke Chitta Shakti for your inner strength to cultivate calmness and stability to your mind - by using Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation. It enhances the power of the mind for steadiness, stability, clarity, intuition, resolve, courage and self-awareness. In this workshop, you will also learn the layers of your mind and how it makes you do what you do.

1.3. Awaken the Power of Possibilities - Sun (Surya Sadhana/ Prana Shakti) - In this workshop, you will learn the relationship between Prana (life force) and Nadi (energy channels). Using the method of Prana Yoga, you will activate the solar force by connecting to Prana Shakti and cultivate more energy and strength using Asana, Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra, and Meditation. It increases your vitality, enthusiasm, power, expansiveness and subtle awareness. You must have the prior experience of yoga practice to attend this workshop.

1.4. Ignite the Force of Spirit - Fire (Agni Sadhana/ Kundalini Shakti) - Tantric Hatha Yoga is weaved into Kundalini Yoga to ignite the Kundalini Shakti, which is the essence of yoga. You will also understand the concept and importance of fire which dwells within and then how to awaken the sacred energy channel - Susumna, using Asana, Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra, Mantra, Kriya, and Meditation. This is an empowering workshop, which will unlock your dormant potential, you will realize the joy, love, capacity, and freedom you have within. The ancient teaching makes it clear that this is the ultimate aim of the yoga practice. You must have the prior experience of yoga practice to attend this workshop. This is the master workshop of this series.

2. The Secrets of Pranayama Series - Breath centered Practices
Pranayama practices are considered 20 times more powerful than physical posture (asana) practices. Considering its immense power of shaping the nervous system, they must be learned slowly, gradually and systematically. These breathing practices vary from calm and quiet, to vigorous and powerful. A daily practice of pranayama improves self-confidence, tones organ, stimulates the nervous system and purifies energy channels.

2.1. Pranayama for Beginners (Prana Sadhana Level 1) - In this workshop, you will be introduced to the pranayama, healthy vs. unhealthy breathing, the correct way of doing pranayama - including do’s and don’ts and possible outcomes. Then you will learn all level classical pranayama. These breathing techniques can be easily incorporated into your physical (asana) practice to deepen the experience. This workshop is also suitable for 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training programs.

2.2. Pranayama for Intermediate (Prana Sadhana Level 2) - You will learn the relationship of your breath with mind and choices you make, its energetic effects on your body and mind. You will learn the variations of classical pranayama along with additional supporting pranayama that serves as preparation, and when incorporated methodically, it deepens your experience and accelerates the effect of healing and transformation. In summary -  Change Your Breath, Change Your Life. The workshop level varies from all level to intermediate level and may include some Bandha (Locks) and Mudras (Seals).

2.3. The Advanced Pranayama (Prana Sadhana Level 3) - In this workshop, you will dive into advanced pranayama as described in Patanjali Yoga Sutra and Hatha Yoga Texts. You will learn the correct way of practicing advanced pranayama and their ultimate goal. You will also dive into Bandha (Locks), Mudras (Seals), Mantras and their proper uses during these practices. For this workshop, you must have prior experience and knowledge of pranayama practice. This is the master workshop of this series.

3. The Art of Meditation (Dhyana) Series - Mind centered practices
In this meditation series, you will explore and understand a variety of meditative process and techniques in a progressive way. A regular meditation practice increases immunity, fertility and emotional balance, lowers blood pressure & stress. There are a variety of meditation techniques available for every level to address different needs. Based on your lifestyle and goals, you may choose what works best for you.

3.1. Meditation for Beginners (Dhyana Sadhana Level 1) -  This meditation workshop is designed for all levels and is especially fitting for those who believe that they cannot sit still or are unable to meditate. You will learn the basics of Meditation, its process and types of meditation, its do’s and don’ts. These practices may include Active/Dynamic Meditation techniques including some seated, standing or movement based practices. You do not need to have prior experience of meditation for this workshop. This workshop is also suitable for 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training programs.

3.2. Meditation for Everyone (Dhyana Sadhana Level 2) - In this workshop, you will learn the process of seated meditation techniques, including simple breathing techniques and mudras (seal) for meditation. You will be guided into various meditation practices, each one staging as the foundation for the next one. It will also include meditation for purification, healing & transformation. You can use any one of the meditation practice as part of your daily meditation practice.

3.3. Meditation for Meditators (Dhyana Sadhana Level 3) - You will dive deeper into the meditation principles, and it’s techniques. You will understand the important factors of meditation practice, and how to deal with thoughts and differentiating between meditating and thinking. You will gain a step by step process of tantric meditation techniques for allowing your mind to go deeper, advancing in your meditation and less rely on guided meditations. You must have a regular meditation practice to attend this workshop. This is the master workshop of this series.

4. The Art of Daily Living - Health/Lifestyle (Ayurveda) centered Practices
This workshop series is based on Ayurveda, ‘Ayur’ means life, ‘Veda’ means knowledge. Ayurveda is the science of nature, largely preventative practice, enhancing self-awareness to help us make choices that support well-being. In this series, you will find your individual constitution, how to balance life force and cultivate the vital essence important for your well-being. These workshops may include self-evaluation quiz, group work, and yoga practice including asana, pranayama, bandha, mudra, kriya, mantra, and/or meditation. The level of the yoga practice will vary based on workshop and participants.

4.1. Align to your Nature - Yoga for Life (Dosha Sadhana) - In this workshop, you will get to understand the relationship of yoga with Ayurveda, the relationship of three Gunas with five elements of nature and the doshas which gives every person a unique constitution. As long as you stay close to your natural constitution you stay healthy - physically, mentally and emotionally. Understanding and finding your own unique constitution will help you demystify the appropriate food, lifestyle, environment, work, and yoga practice that is more suitable for your balanced healthy life, as one size don’t fit all.

4.2. Attune to your Lifeforce - Yoga for Energy (PranaVayu Sadhana) - Once we understand your constitution, next you will understand the set of unique life force elements (prana vayus) which govern your nervous system such as from blinking of eyes, heartbeat, digestion to the elimination process. Thus, you will identify and determine the state of different life forces in your body. If any of these are not in a balanced, it will gradually impact your health. So, you will learn to further modify your yoga practice to regulate the specific life force along with your constitution as needed for your optimum health.

4.3. Cultivate your Vital Essence - Yoga for Healing (Saar Sadhana) - This workshop will further deepen the understanding of yourself, by understanding the vital essence(subtle-dosha) of the body.  The first two workshops of the series finally come in perspective by incorporating the required vital essence of the body. You will learn the methods to increase those vital essences and by choosing the appropriate food, lifestyle and other choices including your yoga practice. Thus, this is the master workshop of this series that will help you to develop a healthy life of endurance, radiance, and enthusiasm.

5. The Art of Fulfillment Series- Self-Inquiry, Tantra & Meditation centered
These workshops are based on various tools of Tantra and Yoga, from the body movement, breath work, yogic sleep, meditation, self-inquiry to subtle movements and energy work. These practices will first help you to first relax, and then from that deep state of relaxation, you will be able to find true desires and then find a way to work on fulfilling them - it can be finding your path/purpose, fulfilling material needs/money, intimacy/pleasure or spiritual growth/freedom. These practices may challenge you to acknowledge and confront any past patterns, paving the way for healing and cultivate healthy relationships.

5.1. The Art of Conscious Sleep - Yoga Nidra (Pratyahara Sadhana) - In this workshop, you will be introduced to Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep), along with Pratyahara (the process of withdrawing senses) and Kosha (layers of self). Using the method of Yogic Sleep, you will dive into the experience of the other two. Yogic Sleep is one of the finest yogic methods for healing & transformation on the mental and emotional level. It induces relaxation, enforces positivity, and prepares you for deeper meditation.  A daily personalized practice can help to change negative, irregular or unwanted habits or patterns of mind to more positive and desirable ones.

5.2. The Art of Self-Discovery - Your Path, Your Dreams (Atma-Vichar Sadhana) - The yoga tradition offers a profound formula for realizing one’s desires and dreams. You will learn the unique process of self-discovery, by revealing your true desires to yourself and taking one more step towards your higher purpose. This workshop includes a Self-inquiry process, unique guided meditations, Yoga Nidra along with short asana practices. You will be given the tools to map your dreams & desires and how to progressively achieve or realize them. You will learn much more about yourself by looking into your darkness than looking into your light.

5.3. The Art of Conscious Loving - from Sex to Superconsciousness  (Tantra Sadhana) - Tantra embraces everything, it does not deny anything. Sex is the basis of our birth. Tantra emphasizes that if you live your life skillfully, then you can have enjoyment, fulfillment, accomplishment as well as freedom. In this workshop, you will be lead through unique practices of Tantra coming together to embody and embrace your authentic self for conscious loving, and by working on your true desires, being authentic and attracting what you want. Some practices are done with a partner similar to partner yoga with breathwork and energy movement. Many of these practices you can use with your partner in your privacy to enhance intimacy.

6. Exposition of Wisdom Series - Lecture/Knowledge-centered
In this Know-How Series, you will lead through the topics in sequential order to understand the information about yoga, tantra, and mantra, so that when you come across these, you can connect the dots and have a better understanding.

6.1. A Simplified Exposition of Ancient Wisdom (Jnana Yoga) - You will get to dive into the major texts step by step for better understanding. Some of the major texts include - Yoga Sutra, Bhagavad Gita, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Gheranda Samhita, Vigyan Bhairav Tantra and more. These texts are considered the Authoritative text on Yoga (Classical Yoga, Hatha Yoga, etc.) and Tantra. It helps to understand the true purpose of the practices and may help to understand - who we are, and why are we here and where are we going? Each text is divided into parts for a progressive understanding. e.g. The Patanjali's Yoga Sutra is divided into three parts -  1. The Secret of Yoga Sutra,  2. The Practice of Yoga Sutra, 3. The Meditation of Yoga Sutra

6.2. History, Mystery, and Scriptures (Purva yoga) - This workshop have three major components - Yoga, Tantra, and Scriptures, they are summarized in one workshop. You will learn the history of yoga, its evolution to adoption, influential Yoga Masters, and their lineages. Also, you will understand the mystery of Tantra including scared sexuality and black magic and its relationship with Yoga. You will get to know how the Indian scriptures are grouped, divided and/or related to each other, and major Yoga & Tantra scriptures.

6.3. The Language & Chant of Yoga (Mantra Yoga) - This portion of the series reveals the basics of the Sanskrit Language and how to pronounce the name of different asanas correctly.  In addition, you will learn some of the most important & powerful mantras. The vibration of sounds from these mantras has a powerful influence over one's state of mind and the environment around them. Chanting reduces depression, anxiety, boosts immunity and opens intuition.

7. Personalized Yoga Series - Customized Private/Group Session
These personalized workshops are customized as per the student's need. Depending on the need of the student, the focus and session will vary. Some are done in private session, and some are suitable for group sessions as well.

7.1. Yoga fundamentals for developing a personal practice - Step by Step - If you are new to yoga, are not sure where to start or how to practice or do a particular pose or wish to learn yoga poses step by step, this class is for you. Each pose or practice will be demonstrated and guided step by step. Each session is met with a follow-up session to evaluate how to further develop the student's personal practice at their own speed and capacity. This is available as a private session only. This class can be taken as a private session or in a group. However, if you wish to develop your personal practice, it must be taken as a private session.

7.2. Therapeutic / Restorative Yoga: - Each session is tailored to address certain health issues like Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Fatigue, Trauma, Insomnia, Digestion, Weight Loss, Flexibility, Infertility, Sexual Health etc. This practice may have a combination of supported and/or gentle posture with props for the Therapeutic result, breath-work and/or hands-on assist. It helps to recover from/or living injury or illness, reduces stress and builds vitality.

7.3 Tantric Energy Healing: In this session, it will include some components of Art of Conscious Loving along with the use of natural cosmic energy such as Reiki and/or Pranic for healing old wounds, trauma, guilt and improve self-confidence, immune system, and relationships. This session balances the flow of energy in the body provides relaxation and reduces stress. You receive the energy when completely relaxed, this session may involve gentle stretching with assistance along with, breathing, sound, and energy work. It is done in a private session.

7.4 Tantric Vinyasa Yoga: In this session, you will be guided through a series of asana (postures) along with some classic pranayama and simple meditation. The level is determined on various factors including individual or group setting using the yogic principles. The same format is taught in my weekly class.

7.5 Partner Yoga: In this workshop, two or more people join together for Yoga Asana Practice. Each person gives and receives benefits as the two create a pose together. It involves engaging physically with another person and communicating clearly, giving and receiving feedback. It takes you and your partner/friend/stranger deeper, breaks the barrier, enhances trust and cultivates the relationship in a fun way.