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Difference Between Vedas and Tantras
17 May 2017 YogiVishwa

Have you ever wondered about the Vedic and the Tantric tradition? If they have same root? Any similarity or differences, what are they trying to achieve, how they come in existence etc.? If you do, then maybe you will like reading this. [More...]
Tantra, Sex and Yoga
2 March 2017 YogiVishwa

There is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about the word Tantra. The moment you hear this word in the West, you may immediately think about tantric sex, and if you hear this word in the East especially in India, you may immediately think about black magic. So what is the truth? Let’s understand step by step. [More...]
Two Paths
26 January 2017 YogiVishwa

As a human, we evolve every moment with each experience in this world. These experiences can be described of two kinds- outward and inward. Depending on how the energy (shakti) moves, the state of awareness changes. [More...]
What is Tantric Sex?
24 October 2016 YogiVishwa

Have you ever wondered what is Tantric Sex? You will find tons of books on it, let’s keep it simple for understanding without going into too many details. [More...]
What is Tantric Yoga?
24 July 2016 YogiVishwa

Yoga is the practical application of the Tantra. Tantric practice without Yoga is not Tantra. In Tantra, there are several types of Yoga seemly weaved together in a practice with many tools and techniques, thus called Tantric Yoga. Some of the commonly practiced Yoga in Tantric Yoga is following [More...]
Pillars of Tantra
11 November 2015 YogiVishwa

No matter which path of tantra one practices, which school of Tantric one belongs to, there are some common aspects of Tantra, which applies to any tantric practitioner. Following are three major pillars of tantra. [More...]
Left-Hand vs Right-Hand Path of Tantra
23 July 2015 YogiVishwa

In my previous post I discussed about the Schools of Tantra. This post will further dive into the two major paths of Kaula School of Tantra. As most tantra practitioner start their practice in Kaula School, as this is the preliminary stage in which a teacher first initiates a student. Since it is easier to identify our body and relate with external objects thus Kaula practices are suitable for the beginners. [More...]
Schools of Tantra
10 February 2014 YogiVishwa

As time passed the tantrics developed so many techniques that it became almost impossible to study and teach. So, they categorized them in a progressive order as a journey of a student from gross to subtle, from the external to the internal realm. Using this simple reason, they divided into three distinct schools of thought, one school uses external objects, while other one purely uses internal meditative practices, and third employs both. Following are the main schools of tantra. [More...]
Agama, Nigama and Tantra
25 August 2013 YogiVishwa

Let’s understand the words - Agama, Nigama and Tantra. These words can be little confusing sometime as they are interrelated but with slight difference. [More...]
What are the three Gunas?
3 November 2012 YogiVishwa

You may come across different kind of people, happy, compulsive and lazy. Ever wonder what makes their behavior. The same changing behavior we can see in our self, it may be changing from one to another on a given day. Let’s understand this tendency or nature. These tendencies are called gunas, and born out of Prakriti. In other words, changing tendencies of Prakriti or our Outer Reality is called Gunas. It is important to stress this fact that Guna is the tendency not an action in itself. As a guna takes a predominates the corresponding characteristic is observed. [More...]
What is Meditation?
5 May 2012 YogiVishwa

In Sanskrit, Meditation is referred as Dhyana, it is a practice of dissolving the mind. It can be also defined as a process of purifying the mind, making it one-pointed, inward and tranquil. It is a state of consciousness that brings - serenity, clarity, and bliss of transcendence. The main purpose of doing all the physical practices of Yoga is to bring your body into a state so that it can easily sit for meditation. The practice of - asana prepares our body, pranayama prepares our mind, meditation prepares our mind to transcend, and get in touch with pure consciousness or bliss. In the simplest word, through the process of meditation, we give deep rest to the mind. [More...]
Sacred Books of India
9 September 2010 YogiVishwa

Ever wondered about all the sacred books of India. As how they are organized or linked together? These books cover every aspect of life – philosophy, religion, spiritual and yogic practices, social, fields of law, medicine, architecture, art, music and sexuality etc. It is impossible to name all the texts, but here are some important ones. [More...]
What is Hatha Yoga?
20 July 2007 YogiVishwa

What is Hatha Yoga? What is do you do in Hatha Yoga Class? What are the major components of Hatha Yoga? [More...]
History of Yoga, Tantra and Vedanta
15 January 2007 YogiVishwa

In this post, I would like to summarize the historical development of Yoga, Tantra, and Vedanta in progressive order from ancient time until now. The duration mentioned in the respective periods are approximate and for easier understanding. [More...]
Who was the first Teacher and Student?
15 November 2006 YogiVishwa

Have you ever got curious to know that who was the first Yoga/Tantra Teacher, and the student? [More...]
What is Tantra?
12 October 2006 YogiVishwa

What is Tantra? What does it really means - literally, philosophically and practically? What are the major Tantric traditions? What is the scope of Tantra? What is the relationship of Tantra with Yoga. Let’s understand the basics of Tantra. [More...]
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