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    2017-04-22Religion, Faith and God2017-01-28Yogic significance of Ramayana2016-04-02Why we shout in anger?2016-01-01The Lord and Worship2015-10-19Sanatana Dharma and Hinduism2014-01-25Meditation in Bhagavad Gita2013-12-29Cosmic dance of Shiva2013-04-13Types of Anger2012-03-01How to deal with people?2010-03-03Buddha explanation on existence of God2010-01-17What happens when you die2009-06-16Difference Between a Guru and a Teacher2007-04-30Let’s Face It2006-12-29Spiritual meaning of Swastika

    Vedanta ( 11)

    2017-05-17Difference Between Vedas and Tantras2014-01-25Meditation in Bhagavad Gita2012-11-03What are the three Gunas?2010-09-09Sacred Books of India2008-07-27Four Goals of Life2007-01-28What is Vedic Yoga?2007-01-15History of Yoga, Tantra and Vedanta2006-12-29Types of Karma2006-11-26What are the Vedas?2006-10-31Contradictions in Bhagvad Gita2006-09-29What is Vedanta?

    Yoga ( 29)

    2017-06-20Yoga - Your Past, Present and Future2017-03-02Tantra, Sex and Yoga2017-02-02Food for Yoga Practice2016-07-24What is Tantric Yoga?2014-03-16Yogic Eating Guidelines2014-01-25Meditation in Bhagavad Gita2013-12-29Cosmic dance of Shiva2013-05-07Different states of Mind2013-01-11What is Vinyasa?2012-11-03What are the three Gunas?2012-10-03Purusha and Prakriti2012-09-04How to Practice2012-08-06What is Pranayama?2012-07-07Types of Meditation2012-06-06Styles of Yoga2012-05-05What is Meditation?2012-03-01How to deal with people?2011-11-01What are Bandhas?2011-06-13What are Shat Kriyas?2011-06-05Simple Mudras for Good Health2010-09-09Sacred Books of India2008-01-29What is Classical Yoga?2007-07-20What is Hatha Yoga?2007-01-28What is Vedic Yoga?2007-01-15History of Yoga, Tantra and Vedanta2006-12-29Surya Namaskara - Sun Salutation2006-11-15Who was the first Teacher and Student?2006-09-29Understanding Yoga2006-09-06What is Yoga?

    Tantra ( 16)

    2017-05-17Difference Between Vedas and Tantras2017-03-02Tantra, Sex and Yoga2017-01-26Two Paths2016-10-24What is Tantric Sex?2016-07-24What is Tantric Yoga?2015-11-11Pillars of Tantra2015-07-23Left-Hand vs Right-Hand Path of Tantra2014-02-10Schools of Tantra2013-08-25Agama, Nigama and Tantra2012-11-03What are the three Gunas?2012-05-05What is Meditation?2010-09-09Sacred Books of India2007-07-20What is Hatha Yoga?2007-01-15History of Yoga, Tantra and Vedanta2006-11-15Who was the first Teacher and Student?2006-10-12What is Tantra?

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