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Sacred Books of India

Ever wondered about all the sacred books of India. As how they are organized or linked together? These books cover every aspect of life – philosophy, religion, spiritual and yogic practices, social, fields of law, medicine, architecture, art, music and sexuality etc. It is impossible to name all the texts, but here are some important ones. [More]

What is Classical Yoga?

What is classical Yoga? What is yoga according to Patanjali? What are the practices mentioned in Classical Yoga? And what are the components of each practices? [More]

What is Vedic Yoga?

The knowledge of Yoga in Vedas is known as Vedic Yoga. The Vedas contain a comprehensive key to cosmic evolution as well as to human spiritual unfolding and unlocking of all the laws of the universe. According to Vedas, there are three types of Yoga, [More]

History of Yoga, Tantra and Vedanta

In this post, I would like to summarize the historical development of Yoga, Tantra, and Vedanta in progressive order from ancient time until now. The duration mentioned in the respective periods are approximate and for easier understanding. [More]

Surya Namaskara - Sun Salutation

Surya Namaskar, or the Sun Salutation is composed of a series of twelve yoga postures performed in sequence. Last four yoga postures are basically repetition of first four yoga asanas in reverse order. Please keep in mind that there are dozen of different variations of Sun Salutations. Each tradition have slightly modified the basic Sun Salutation sequence. This is one of the traditional sun salutation sequence. Surya Namaskar was not a formal part of traditional Hatha Yoga, but it has so much value that it has been now accepted as a part of Hatha Yoga. It is generally now used as a warm-up exercise before the asana practice. If there is a shortage of time, just Surya Namaskar practice provides substantial benefit. [More]

Understanding Yoga

Let's understand Yoga by diving into ancient texts. Tracing Yoga in Vedas, Yoga Sutras and then Tantras. What kind of Yoga they reveal to us and what kind of yoga we practice today? [More]

What is Yoga?

What is yoga? Let's define it - literally, philosophically and realistically. Also, let’s also find out the approaches to Yoga? What does a simple yoga practice may contain? What are the benefits of a yoga practice? Is Yoga a religion? [More]