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Meditation Workshops

The Art of Meditation (Dhyana Yoga) Series - Mind centered practices
In this meditation series, you will explore and understand a variety of meditative processes and techniques in a progressive way. A regular meditation practice increases immunity, fertility, and emotional balance lowers blood pressure & stress. There are a variety of meditation techniques available for every level to address different needs. Based on your lifestyle and goals, you may choose what works best for you.

1. Meditation for Everyone (Dhyana Sadhana Level 1) -  This meditation workshop is designed for all levels. Either you are a beginner or you tried meditating before and believe that you cannot sit still or are unable to meditate or you a meditator. There will be something for you. First, you will learn the basics of Meditation, what is meditation and what is not, types of meditation, the process of meditation, its do’s and don’ts. These practices may include Concentrative, Mindfulness, Active/Dynamic or Spirited Meditation techniques including some seated, standing or movement-based practices. You do not need to have prior experience of meditation for this workshop. 

2. Meditation for Wellness/Healing (Dhyana Sadhana Level 2) - In this workshop, you will learn some of the unique meditation techniques for the purpose of wellness or healing. Either the workshop will focus on a specific situation such as anxiety, stress, etc. On a group level, a generic process will be used, however, on an individual level, a special meditation technique may be recommended based on the individual situation. These practices include meditation for purification, healing & transformation. If it is given to you on an individual basis, you are expected to practice daily for a certain period of time.

3. Meditation for Meditators (Dhyana Sadhana Level 3) - You will dive deeper into the meditation principles, and it’s techniques. You will understand the important factors of meditation practice, and how to deal with thoughts, and differentiating between meditating and thinking. You will gain a step-by-step process of tantric meditation techniques for allowing your mind to go deeper, advancing in your meditation, and less reliance on guided meditations. You must have a regular meditation practice or attend the meditation class regularly. This is the master workshop of this series.