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Hatha Yoga Workshops

The Radiance of Tantric Hatha Yoga Series - Body (Posture/Asana) centered Practices 
In each workshop of this series, first, you will get to understand the basic principles followed by the practice. These workshops include a variety of tools and techniques to harness the capacity of the body, breath, mind, and beyond. Tantric Hatha Yoga consists of seven stages of practice, which are divided into four steps for simplicity. Each workshop becomes the foundation for the next one as you advance to the next level.

1. Earth Practice - (Yogya Sadhana) - This foundational workshop focuses on body purification, strengthening, and cultivation through the practice of yogic principles by activating immune power (Arogya Shakti) and willpower (Iccha Shakti). You will learn essential techniques, including some purification practices, body-strengthening postures with breathing and meditation practice, plus Ayurvedic principles for nurturing the body. This workshop is suitable for anyone, including those enrolled in 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training programs. However, the teacher training program requires separate sessions if not already covered in training for - Stage 1. Purification Techniques (Shatkarma) and  Stage 2. Body Strengthening Postures (asana) and Stage 3. Cultivating and Nurturing the body using Ayurvedic Principles

2. Moon Practice - (Chandra Sadhana) - The Moon Practice workshop teaches you how to balance and calm your mind by invoking the lunar force and cultivating the power of consciousness (Chitta Shakti). You will learn how to use asana, pranayama, and meditation to enhance your emotional and mental power, increasing your stability, clarity, intuition, courage, and self-awareness. This workshop also explores the layers of the mind, giving you a deeper understanding of your thoughts and behaviors.

3. Sun Practice(Surya Sadhana) - In this workshop, you will learn how to awaken the power of transformation (Prana Shakti) by purifying your energy channels to strengthen your willpower. By understanding the relationship between Prana (life force) and Nadi (energy channels), and methodically using  Asana, Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra, and Meditation; you will activate the solar force and cultivate more energy and strength. This workshop requires prior experience in yoga practice to attend.

4. Fire Practice(Agni Sadhana) - This master workshop is the culmination of the series, weaving into Kundalini Yoga to awaken the Kundalini Shakti. You will learn about the importance of the inner fire, which dwells within, and how to awaken the sacred energy channel, Susumna, using asana, pranayama, bandha, mudra, mantra, kriya, and meditation. This empowering workshop unlocks your dormant potential and connects you to your psychic body. The ancient teaching makes it clear that this is the ultimate aim of the yoga practice. You must have prior experience in yoga practice to attend this workshop. This is the master workshop of this series.