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Pariyanga (Love) Yoga Practices

The Art of conscious Lovemaking: Embrace Passion, Awaken Spirit

Pariyanga, translated as "bed," embodies the essence of Bedroom Yoga or Love Yoga, as it's referred to in Shaiva tantra texts. Rooted in the traditions of left-hand Tantra, often termed Red Tantra in the West, these practices form a rich tapestry drawing from various sources to offer a comprehensive approach to well-being.

In these Pariyanga Yoga classes, inspiration is drawn from diverse disciplines, harmonizing them into a holistic practice with contemporary approach
  • Tantra [Shaiva & Shakta]
  • Yoga [Hatha & Laya]
  • Kama Sutra

  • Tantra, with its inclusive embrace, provides a profound lens through which to view life—an outlook that embraces the full spectrum of human experience. It teaches us that skillful living can lead not only to enjoyment, fulfillment, and achievement but also to liberation and freedom. Central to Tantra is the recognition of sex as the very foundation of our being, and Pariyanga Yoga, a cornerstone of Tantra, delves into the intricate science of sexual energy. These practices explore the realms of love, sensuality, and sexuality, guiding seekers on a transformative journey toward intimacy and connection. Through immersive workshops, participants engage in rituals of Puja, learn the art of tantric touch, explore the mysteries of orgasmic energy, tantric kiss, and delve into the dance of divine love through lovemaking and healing in progressive manner.

    Each stage of this journey presents a unique opportunity to embrace Tantric practices that facilitate the embodiment of one's authentic self and cultivate conscious, fulfilling relationships. These practices use techniques such as Tantric breathing (pranayama), asana, mudras (gestures), mantras (sacred sounds), nyasa (energetic touch), and movement serve as tools for deepening intimacy with oneself and one's partner. In the contemporary practice of Red Tantra, foundational techniques from the Left-Hand path of Kula Tantra and other traditions are seamlessly integrated to amplify the transformative potential of the journey.

    Following are the major stages and practices

    1. Prepare & Harmonize: The initial stage of Pariyanga Yoga involves comprehensive preparations aimed at harmonizing and balancing all aspects of the practitioner's being. Alongside creating a conducive environment for practice and setting intentions, practitioners engage in healing and reconditioning practices to address any physical, mental, or emotional imbalances. With the foundation of white tantra, this may include techniques such as energy healing, self-massage, or therapeutic practices tailored to individual needs. The process of healing and reconditioning serves to release stagnant energy, dissolve blockages, and create a harmonious foundation for deeper exploration and transformation.

    2. Awaken & Attune: In the stage of awakening and attunement, practitioners delve into practices aimed at expanding consciousness and connecting with higher states of awareness. Alongside breathwork, meditation, and visualization, practitioners may integrate advanced techniques such as Vajroli and Sahajoli Mudras. Vajroli Mudra involves the control and manipulation of sexual energy, while Sahajoli Mudra focuses on the awakening of dormant energy within the pelvic region. These practices serve to activate the subtle energy channels, purify the nadis, and elevate the practitioner's sensitivity to the flow of prana (life force energy). By integrating these powerful mudras into their practice, practitioners deepen their connection to the sacred dimensions of existence and prepare for the transformative journey ahead.

    3. Unite (Maithuna) & Transcend: In the heart of Pariyanga Yoga lies the practice of sacred union, known as Maithuna. This stage involves the merging of masculine and feminine energies within oneself and with a partner, transcending individual limitations and experiencing states of profound unity and bliss. Maithuna is not merely about physical intercourse but encompasses a deep spiritual connection that transcends the boundaries of the ego and merges with the cosmic consciousness. Through tantric rituals, breathwork, and meditative practices, practitioners engage in a sacred dance of union, where the boundaries between self and other dissolve, and the divine essence is revealed. This stage serves as a gateway to transcendence, offering glimpses of the infinite and the divine within and beyond.

    4. Integrate & Reflect: In this final stage, practitioners assimilate their experiences and insights from Pariyanga Yoga into daily life. They reflect on their journey, integrating the wisdom gained into their thoughts, actions, and relationships. Maintaining a daily practice, they cultivate self-awareness, compassion, and conscious living, fostering deeper connections with themselves and others. This stage emphasizes the practical application of Red Tantra teachings for continued growth and transformation.

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