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Prana Yoga - Pranayama Practices

Unlock the Secrets of Pranayama: Transform Your Life Through Breath

Pranayama practices hold a potency twentyfold greater than physical postures (asana), shaping the nervous system with profound impact. Due to its immense influence, the art of pranayama must be approached with patience, gradual learning, and systematic mastery. From tranquil to dynamic, these breathing techniques span a spectrum of intensity, offering benefits ranging from enhanced self-confidence to organ toning, nervous system stimulation, and purification of energy channels.

1. Pranayama - Foundational - Delve into the fundamentals of pranayama in this introductory workshop. Learn the distinctions between healthy and unhealthy breathing patterns and explore foundational practices that serve as the cornerstone for classical pranayama. Guided sessions will help you embody foundational breathing techniques , seamlessly integrating them into your physical (asana) practice for a heightened experience. Suitable for both beginners and participants in 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training programs.

2. Pranayama - Classical -Elevate your understanding of pranayama in this workshop that covers the essentials of correct breathing techniques and the nuances of healthy respiration. Dive into classical pranayama practices and gain insight into their application within your physical practice. Discover the do's and don'ts of pranayama and their potential outcomes, enhancing your journey towards mastery. Suitable for both beginners and participants in 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training programs.

3. Pranayama - Intermediate - Explore the profound connection between breath, mind, and decision-making in this intermediate workshop. Discover the energetic effects of pranayama on your body and mind, and master additional supporting techniques that complement classical practices. This workshop is divided into two parts, focusing progressively on Kumbhaka (breath retention) and Bandha (locks) , deepening your experience and accelerating your transformative journey.

4. Pranayama - Advanced - Embark on an advanced exploration of pranayama as outlined in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and Hatha Yoga Texts. Dive deep into the multifaceted components of advanced pranayama, its applications, and ultimate goals. Learn the proper use of Mudras (seals) and Mantras to enhance your practice, with the workshop divided into two parts for gradual immersion. Prior experience and knowledge of pranayama practice are recommended for participation, making this the pinnacle workshop of the series.

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