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Prana Yoga - Intermediate Pranayama

Pranayama, the science of breath, is considered to be yoga’s most accessible, yet transformative practice. It is also called Prana Yoga - Yoga of life force.

Pranayama has a quick & direct impact on the nervous system, thus intermediate level is divided into two parts to gradually transition the practitioner from beginners to intermediate level as taught in the Yoga tradition. For this level, you must have experience or knowledge of practicing the basic pranayama.

The yogic theory states that Pranayama is twenty times more beneficial than physical (asana) practice. However, in the practice of Yoga, the importance of Pranayama is often minimalized and ignored due to a lack of awareness.

In this workshop, you will learn intermediate Pranayama step by step. You will learn how to correctly practice and apply Kumbhaka (breath retention/ suspension) and Bandhas (yogic locks) . You will also learn the additional pranayama and its variations which helps and intensifies the experience.

In Summary, this workshop includes theory, practice and Q&A session. You will get to understand and practice the following

  1. Introduction to Kumbhaka (breath retention/suspension) and Bandha (yogic locks), types and it's uses  
  2. The correct method of practicing Intermediate Level pranayama
  3. Energetic effects & how to address some breathing issues 
  4. Foundational & Supporting Pranayama
  5. Intermediate level Classical Pranayama Practices

These practices and knowledge will become the foundation for the next level.

Required Props: Yoga Mat and Cushion/Blanket

Pre-requisite: Familiar with Pranayama - Beginners Level or Equivalent

Note: These breathing techniques can be easily incorporated into your physical (asana) practice to advance your experience.

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