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Pranayama Workshops

The Secrets of Pranayama (Prana Yoga) Series - Breath centered Practices
Pranayama practices are considered 20 times more powerful than physical posture (asana) practices. Considering its immense power of shaping the nervous system, it must be learned slowly, gradually, and systematically. These breathing practices vary from calm and quiet, to vigorous and powerful. A daily practice of pranayama improves self-confidence, tones organ, stimulates the nervous system and purifies energy channels.

1. Pranayama - Beginners (Prana Sadhana Level 1) - In this workshop, you will be introduced to the pranayama, healthy vs. unhealthy breathing, the correct way of doing pranayama - including do’s and don’ts and possible outcomes. Then you will learn all level classical pranayama. These breathing techniques can be easily incorporated into your physical (asana) practice to deepen the experience. This workshop is also suitable for 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training programs.

2. Pranayama - Intermediate (Prana Sadhana Level 2) - You will learn the relationship of your breath with the mind and choices you make, its energetic effects on your body and mind. You will learn the correct way of doing Pranayama. You will learn additional supporting pranayama that serves as preparation when incorporated methodically with classical pranayama. These practices deepen your experience and accelerate the process of transformation. This workshop is divided into two parts to gradually focus and practice Kumbhaka and Bandha (Locks) step by step.

3. Pranayama - Advanced (Prana Sadhana Level 3) - In this workshop, you will dive into advanced pranayama as described in Patanjali Yoga Sutra and Hatha Yoga Texts. You will learn the uses during your practice with its ultimate goal in mind. You will be introduced to Mudras (Seals) and  Mantras and their proper uses during these practices. This workshop is also divided into two parts to gradually focus on its multiple components altogether. For this workshop, you must have prior experience and knowledge of pranayama practice. This is the master workshop of this series.