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Private Session

Vishwa's Private Session and Mentorship

Let me share, how my Private Teaching and Mentoring works. Each individual is unique, going through their journey of life. Some want to learn and explore the practices purely for health reasons, some want to stay healthy, some want pleasure and knowledge, and some purely desire spiritual experiences and growth.


I have received these teaching from different masters over 30 years, and continue to practice every day. I am a certified teacher and mentor, but also continue learning from my teachers and Gurus. I love to share these ancient teachings because they have helped me in the past, especially in difficult times of my life. Through these practices, I have experienced something unique which can not be explained in the words, and so my students. 

Each student is special to me and I offer my services as it suits his/her needs. Remember, one size does not fit all. So the individual practices vary from person to person. If you are looking for personal guidance or mentorship, please read the following three-step process,

  1. First Meeting: I will have a short conversation with you either in person or over Video Chat, to get to understand your needs and wants. It is important to know that you have a genuine interest and desire to learn these ancient teachings with commitment. The kind of commitment and quality of time we put in so will be the result.
  2. Second Meeting: Once you ready to move forward, together we will start the journey and set create a plan of action. The first two stages of meetings are roughly 30mins each and is free of cost. 
  3. Training/Mentoring: My goal is to empower you, step by step with these practices as it was passed down to me from my teachers, and see you evolve and progress. Initially, you may require a weekly session, in every subsequent session, together we will evaluate the previous one, refine, add/modify as you progress, and the frequency may change to biweekly or monthly, so the sessions will be adjusted accordingly. 

Hourly Rate:  $75

Note: In case you can not afford the cost but you are genuinely interested in my teachings, we can discuss and see what will work best for you. Feel free to drop -in to my weekly class if you are interested.  

The bottom line is, I would like to see you grow on this path, heal, and fully enjoy the benefit from these teachings, physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, and spiritually. All are an important part of life, a balanced life is a key to great health, success, and happiness.

If the above path resonates with you, and you are ready then contact me at , or at WhatsApp: +1 678-310-9580

to schedule an initial conversation. 

Thank You.

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