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Tantra - An Introduction

Are you curious about Tantra? Would you like to know how the practices of Tantra fit in our material and spiritual life? Are you interested to try some practices and experience them? If yes, you are at the right place. This workshop is FREE, in which you will get an understanding of Tantra, and then will get to experience some of its practices during this workshop. You will also know how to apply them in your personal life.

So What is Tantra? Tantra is a Sanskrit word made up of two words: ‘Tanoti’ and ‘Trayati’. Tanoti means "to weave, to expand” and Trayati means "to liberate, to free". So, Tantra (Tan+tra) means - a system of practice, which expands our consciousness and liberates us from our conditioning to celebrate life. It guides us to a deeper intimacy with ourselves, our partner, loved ones, others, and the entire Universe.

On a high level, there are two types of Tantric Practices - one is orthodox Yogic practices, which are generally practiced solo and sexual energies are subdued and celibacy is advocated, it is called Right-Hand Path (Dakshina Marg) or popularly known as White Tantra in the west, and other practice which also includes the sexual practices to activate and redirect the sexual energy from going outward to upward for higher experience, that is called Left-Hand Path (Vama Marg) or popularly known as Red Tantra in the West.

My teaching includes the selected practices from both White and Red Tantra as Middle Path for practical reasons, as both are important to our life. Further in this workshop, you will learn how to connect with your energy, activate, move, direct and then stabilize it. Later when needed, you can redirect and circulate it with your partner.

Note: This class is for singles as well as couples.
  • No nudity or explicit sexuality in the class.
  • All exercises are fully optional.
  • What to wear: Comfortable clothes so you can sit and move freely.