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Tantra - Art of Conscious Touch

Modern human conditioning of seclusion has us longing for connection, to touch and be touched, to be seen without judgment and in unconditional love and acceptance. This longing can be fulfilled with tantra practices. You are invited to an immersive experience where you will explore the principles of Tantra and reconnect with your sensual self.

Do you want to have a better connection with your partner? Do you want to have better Love Life? If the answer is Yes, then you must learn the powerful Tantric practices of Love Yoga to enhance your love life and bring fulfillment, satisfaction, and joy to your relationship. I invite you to an immersive experience to explore the art of conscious touch using the principles of Tantra to reconnect with your sensual self. It is a fun-filled interactive workshop.

So What is Tantra? Tantra is a Sanskrit word made up of two words: ‘Tanoti’ and ‘Trayati’. Tanoti means "to weave, to expand” and Trayati means "to liberate, to free". So, Tantra (Tan+tra) means - a system of practice, which expands our consciousness and liberates us from our conditioning to celebrate life. It guides us to a deeper intimacy with ourselves, our partner, loved ones, others, and the entire Universe.

Our heart desires to connect, touch, and be touched, but our social conditioning deprives us of this longing. A touch can convey safety, trust, bonding, love, acceptance,  and level of intimacy by stimulating our love hormones. You can touch someone in awe with or without physically touching them. How? By using Tantric techniques.

You will learn more than Touch, you will learn more about yourself and things you did not know before,  which come in play in the pattern of your relationship.

Tantra teaches various tools and techniques for a fulfilling, satisfying and joyful intimate relationship. In this workshop, practices include movement, breathwork, sound, mindful meditation, and conscious touch using our senses, emotions, and energy to integrate with the faculties we have lost touch with. These practices help to connect us to our true self, to our true desires and boundaries, thus makes us ready for touch or to be touched.

You will learn and practice:
1. Connection exercises
2. Tantric breathing Techniques (to master full-body/multiple orgasms),
3. Acknowledging and activating Masculine (Shiva) & Feminine (Shakti) energies
4. Container & boundary setting, activating the energy centers and
5. Applying the Modalities of  tantric touch.

You will leave feeling energized and refreshed and have powerful tantric tools to use to enhance your life and relationships.

  • This class is for couples and singles. But if you are doing this workshop online, I suggest you invite a partner or friend based on your sexual orientation. If you are doing this workshop in person, you will be assigned another participant as your partner.
  • All exercises are fully optional.
  • No nudity or explicit sexuality in the class.
  • What to wear: Comfortable clothes so you can sit and move freely.

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