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Tantra Yoga: The Art of Fulfillment Series - Right, Left, and Middle Path 

Tantra Yoga is based on key yogic practices, from body movement, breath-work, sound, meditation, conscious touch to conscious lovemaking. These practices open the Tantric way of developing personal well-being, intimacy, healing, and pleasure to fulfill worldly desires (Kama) with the focus on energy. Some practices may challenge you to acknowledge and confront any past patterns, paving the way for healing and cultivate healthy relationships. The middle path is the practical path, which applies to most people who want to find a balance between spiritual and material life. 

1. White Tantra (Laya Yoga) - Laya Yoga practices are built on the basic foundation of Hatha Yoga including Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra, Mantra, Yantra, Meditation, Nada, Kosha, Kriya with the focus on energy channels such as Chakra, Kundalini, elements (tattvas) of nature and our senses. These practices are purely Yogic, however, the right-hand path practices are commonly known as White Tantra in the West. It can be done solo, with a partner, or in a group. Most people are familiar with its variation called Kundalini Yoga. If these practices are done correctly it activates and opens the energy centers in a harmonious way for overall well-being, healing, spiritual growth, and experiencing a higher level of consciousness. Tantric practices also include simple or elaborate rituals and Puja depending on the path, school, or lineage. White Tantra is the foundation for Red Tantra practitioners.  

2. Red Tantra - Bedroom Yoga (Pariyanga Yoga) - Tantra embraces everything, it does not deny anything. It emphasizes that if you live your life skillfully, then you can have enjoyment, fulfillment, accomplishment as well as freedom. Sex is the basis of our birth. Pariyanga Yoga is part of Tantra which deals with the science of sex and sexual energy. Sexual practices of Tantra are commonly known as Red Tantra in the West. Red Tantra workshop series is focused on topics of love, sensuality, sexuality, and relationship. These workshops focus on creating intimacy and connection through the Puja ritual, learning tantric Touch, Kiss, Orgasm, Healing, Love Dance/ Lovemaking, and much more. You will be led through unique Tantric practices in each workshop to embody and embrace your authentic self for conscious loving and fulfilling relationship. You learn various techniques include Tantric Breathing, Gestures (Mudra), Sound (Mantra), Nyasa, Energy, and Movement using the body as Yantra to deepen your intimate relationship with yourself and your partner. Modern Red tantra uses the foundational techniques borrowed from the Left-Hand path of Kula Tantra, and other systems.  

3. Sound Tantra (Mantra Yoga) - In this workshop, you will learn about the ancient sacred sound or mantras plus the correct ways to do these mantra practices. These mantra practices include the powerful seed sounds or Bija mantras and other mantras based on the focus of the practice such as for energizing, calming, balancing, healing, connecting, pleasure, gain, or spiritual growth. Mantra is the soul of Tantra and part of White Tantra but is also used in Red Tantra. The vibrational energy from these mantras has a powerful impact and influence on one's state of mind. Using mantra practice you can connect to your energy, activate different Chakras, elements, or tattvas. It can be practiced solo, with a partner, or in a group. Generally, mantra chanting and Japa (repeating mantra) practices are commonly used for healing which includes reducing depression, anxiety, boosts immunity, and opens intuition.