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Yogic Cleansing - Purification

Yogis believed that one needed to purify the body and clear any energy blockages by using the purification techniques called Shatkarmas or Shatkriyas, as mentioned in Hatha Yoga text - Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Gheranda Samhita before one could continue further on this path. In Sanskrit “Shat” means six, “Karma” means actions.
The following are six purification techniques and their major benefits. In each purification techniques, multiple methods, and variations are used, but I choose those techniques which are easily accessible to everyone and works best for the individual or group.

1. Nasal passages cleansing (Neti) - Makes respiratory system strong, effective in dealing with Asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis, hay fever and pollen allergies and provides a cooling effect on excessive heat in the brain and relives from migraines. Improves memory and concentration

2. Stomach Cleaning (Dhauti) - Beneficial on high acidity, allergies, Acid reflux, and asthma. Eliminates halitosis (bad breath)

3. Abdominal Cleansing (Nauli) - Awakens the digestive fire. It has a stimulating effect on metabolism, strengthens the immune system and is helpful for diabetes.

4. Intestines Cleansing (Basti) - Purifies the blood, detoxifies the body, and helps to develop good digestion. Eliminates allergies (e.g. hay fever) and skin diseases (e.g. acne, neurodermatitis or psoriasis). Helpful in springtime lethargy and has a balancing effect upon the mind.

5. Breath & Mind cleansing (Kapalbhati) - Cleans lungs removes excess mucus and heals respiratory disorders. Balances and strengthens the nervous system and tones the digestive organs. Energizes the mind for mental work, reduces mental chattering, sensory distractions, and removes sleepiness. Helpful for sinusitis.

6. Vision cleansing (Tratka) - Purifies the eyes, strengthens the eye muscles, and improves vision, memory, and sleeping difficulties. Strengthens the ability to concentrate Develops intuition, the ability to visualize and willpower.

Theory(Lecture)/Practice Ratio: 10/90
Required Props: Yoga Mat and Neti pot
Pre-requisite: None
Note: Some practices require you to be on an empty stomach,If you don’t have a Neti Pot, you can get like this one -