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Hatha Yoga - Moon Practice

In this workshop, we will focus on the mind. If the mind is restless, we can’t perceive the higher state. The mind is referred to as the moon. The mind is like a lake when the water is muddy and full of garbage, we will not see the reflection of the moon at all. Only when the lake is still, we clearly see the true reflection of our glorious moon.

As Yoga Masters say - “When the moon is made steady, the sun can be made to rise.”

So, when we see clearly, we can act appropriately.  We become less reactive and more responsive, and because of this, we become more open to possibilities, more intimate with life, and more joyful. Indeed, the sun can be made to rise, and thus this is the most meaningful practice you will ever do.

Activation of the lunar force invokes the power of steadiness, immovable resolve, and the qualities of self-knowing. In this practice, we’ll activate the lunar force and invoke its nurturing and sublime qualities through a powerful, yet deeply soothing asana, pranayama, and meditation sequence for body and mind. Through experience and some theory, you'll cultivate the forces that lead to calm in the midst of turbulence and that awaken peace, steadiness, intuition, resolve, courage and self-awareness.

Stabilized mind brings energy for your balance (physically, emotionally, mentally), and calm mind, puts everything into perspective. The focus of the practice will be reflection and introspection with an opportunity to see things from the perspective of the higher chakras. This practice helps with sleep & digestions issues and fosters acceptance of life changes. The invocation of Chitta Shakti brings inner strength to cultivate stability and calmness in the mind. This practice is the foundation for the next stage.

Theory(Lecture)/Practice Ratio: 20/80
Required Props: Yoga Mat
Optional Props:  Notebook and Pen, Yoga Blocks and strap (if you need it)
Pre-requisite: Having prior experience of yoga is preferred.