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Hatha Yoga - Fire Practice

The ultimate aim of Yoga practice is to awaken our inner fire, "Kundalini Shakti" - the force of Spirit. Activation of the subtle force of fire leads to extraordinary perception and living. Practice focuses on generating the energy that dissolves inertia in order to access the dormant channel within the spine. This fire is boundless force of spirit that dwells within each of us, that contains all your worldly and spiritual power and potential. Brighten your sacred fire and leads us towards more joy, love, capacity and freedom.

 “(S)he has no disease, nor old age, nor death, who has attained a body born of the fire of Yoga.” – Shvetasvatra Upanishad

According to Tantra, the spine––and more specifically, the energy channel inside it, called Sushumna––is the abode of our soul’s untapped potential and a direct link to spirit. In this practice, we move through practice to build stillness and clarity, while awakening the central channel and unlock the energy that resides within it.

Activate your inner fire for purification which burns through unhealthy habits, physical toxins, and emotional hang-ups. The focus of the practice will be the hip & pelvic area, lower back, and abdominal region. Work on the lower chakras and major vayus is emphasized in order to eliminate unwanted “stuff.”

This is the master practice that includes Mudra. It is the most energetically profound Hatha Yoga practice. Mudra incorporates asana, breath, and bandha and is thus considered as the ultimate bridge between yoga physical and spiritual practice. Experience this internally challenging, and powerful sacred modality. Centering around activating the dormant forces within the spine, this practice will be using the combination of asana, pranayama, bandhas, mudras, and kriyas, and will focus on generating the unique energy which dissolves mental and physical limitation and allows to touch the soul and thus access the limitless potential.

Theory(Lecture)/Practice Ratio: 20/80

Required Props: Yoga Mat

Optional Props: Notebook and Pen, Yoga Blocks and strap (if you need it)

Pre-requisite: Previous experience of pranayama and bandha practice is strongly recommended

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