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A Simplified Exposition of Yoga Sutra

The “Yoga Sutra” is more than just a book, written by the sage Patañjali approximately 2000 years ago. It is a vehicle that carries the energy and wisdom of Yoga. It is considered the primal and authoritative text of classical yoga.

Yoga Sutras provides a map, guideline, or path to higher states of consciousness for happiness and freedom from suffering. It defines human consciousness, proposes a progressive system for the unfolding of human consciousness and then also offers a range of modalities for accessing the progressive system. Its definition of yoga as the quieting of mental fluctuation and its structure for spiritual practice has influenced modern yoga in profound ways, but its core system is subtle and widely misunderstood. All Yogic theory emerges from practice and experience. The book “The Yoga-Sūtra“ fully contains and distills the ages of experience of masters, thus its study makes a practitioner’s practice full and complete.

In this workshop, the major portion of time will be spent on the exposition of Yoga Sutra (selected ones), from original Sanskrit text into simplified English for better understanding for all. You will get to know some insights which are not in simple translation. First, you get to know briefly about Patanjali and the importance of Yoga Sutra. You will be introduced to six major Indian Philosophies (Sad Darshana) and major approaches to yoga. Some important Sutras will cover the following – What is yoga as per Patanjali, understanding the dynamics of mind, what causes us to suffer, how to do practice, type of practices, the obstacles on the path of yoga practice and how to overcome them and most importantly how to deal with people in our life. Further, you will be guided into practices that will be derived from those Yoga sutras.

Note: This workshop is open to all, having prior experience of yoga philosophy is a plus.
Theory(Lecture)/Practice Ratio: 75/25
Required Props: Yoga Mat, Cushion/Blanket
Optional : Notebook & Pen
Pre-requisite: None