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Who was the first Teacher and Student?

Have you ever got curious to know that who was the first Yoga/Tantra Teacher, and the student?

In Tantric tradition, the story says that Shiva (pure consciousness) illuminated the universe through his energy called Shakti (literally, energy and power), which started the Golden age (Satya Yuga) and revealed the Tantric knowledge to his consort Shakti as the first disciple. First Shiva takes the role of a teacher, then Shakti. Technically Shiva and Shakti are one. Like the Sun and its light, like fire and its heat, both are inseparable.

The majority of Tantric texts are in the form of dialogues between Shiva and Shakti. So, it is said that out of love, Shakti imparted her secret knowledge of liberation in the form of Tantra to the world. Thus knowledge of Yoga was revealed through Tantra.

Through the ages, as time passed the great masters of the Tantra hid themselves to escape from worldly people, thus slowly these teachings were lost.  According to the Gayatri Tantra, the Ganesha first preached the Tantra to the Devayoni on Mount Kailasa, after he had himself received them from the mouth of Shiva. Another Tantric text says that during the present era which is called degenerate age (Kali Yuga), Shiva appeared at Mount Kailash (on the Himalayas) and revealed the Tantras to sage Durvasa and then disappeared.

It is also important to mention that even though there is so much information available in the texts. But there are many Tantric techniques, which are not clearly revealed in writing, rather only allowed to pass down by a qualified teacher to a dedicated student, as it can be unsafe when used without proper guidance.