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What is Vedic Yoga?

28 January 2007 YogiVishwaVedantaYoga

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The knowledge of Yoga in Vedas is known as Vedic Yoga. The Vedas contain a comprehensive key to cosmic evolution as well as to human spiritual unfolding and unlocking of all the laws of the universe. According to Vedas, there are three types of Yoga, they are:

  1. Mantra Yoga - Speech - creative vibration of “Om” – (Rig Veda)
  2. Prana Yoga – Prana (Pranayama) – (Yajur Veda)
  3. Dhyana Yoga –Mind (Meditation) – (Sama Veda)

Atharva Veda includes Tantric practices and Prana Yoga.

Mantra Yoga - includes three types of mantras
    a. Mantras on deities e.g. Om Namah Shivaya
    b. Bija Mantra e.g OM, AIM
    c. Sukta mantras e.g. Gayatri mantras.
These mantras constitute the foundation of Vedic practice. Thus, the practice of Vedic Yoga begins with Vedic mantras.

Prana Yoga – includes yogic techniques which involve Prana including different forms of Pranayama. Prana Yoga can use
    a. Mantra with breath as prana
    b. Pranayama
    c. Meditating upon prana in the form of Vedic deity

Dhyana Yoga - includes any of the following
    a. Meditation on a mantra
    b. Pranayama
    c. Meditation on deities
    d. self-inquiry and self-observation

These three types of Yoga, all lead to Samadhi Yoga, a state of transcendence.

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