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Yogic Eating Guidelines

16 March 2014 YogiVishwaYoga

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Ayurveda is the sister science of Yoga. Based on Ayurveda and Tantra, one should be mindful of following during eating. Some points might make you smile, some you will strongly agree. Enjoy...

1.    Prepare yourself before Eating your Food
  • Wash your five limbs – Two hand, two feet and mouth
  • Must remember to be grateful of God for having the opportunity to have that food
  • Food must be cooked with pure intentions and cleanliness
  • Food materials must be taken from right sources where the food are kept in clean and pure environment
  • If possible, try eating your food with all the family members together, this promotes love among family members
  • Best time for having Food- 2 hours after Sun rise and 2 hours before sunset, during this time, digestive power is more active.
  • Best direction for having food is towards Facing East or North. It is said that eating food facing south goes to ghosts and facing West may invite illness.

2.    You should NOT eat food
  • On Bed, on your palm, in broken plate/pan/pots, and under certain trees
  • When you are feeling the pressure for going to toilet
  • During tension, fight, lots of noise, anxiety, emotional stress
  • While standing, with shoes on or with covered head
  • While having negative feelings - such as Jealousy, Fear, Anger etc., food does not digest properly

3.    Never insult or say negative about the served food for any reason

4.    Following kinds of food, you should avoid
  • Food which is deep fried, heavy and takes time to digest, extremely Sour or Sweet
  • Someone’s leftover, or leftover from previous day
  • Half eaten fruits or sweets, or any animal took a bite
  • If person serving food and bragging about it or has bad habits and/or negative tendencies

5.    Following is recommended while eating
  • Follow silence during the course of meal, but if you have to speak, speak positive only
  • Do not eat full during evening or night
  • Do not discuss any serious matter during meal
  • Must chew properly for proper digestion
  • First eat Sweet and/or tasty items, then salty and/or fried/heavy and then sour and/or liquid items
  • Those who eat in moderation, are expected to stay healthy, live longer, enjoy the life with healthy and beautiful children

6.    You should AVOID doing following immediately after having Meal
  • Drinking water, tea/coffee or going to toilet
  • Horse riding, running, sitting and/or any kind of physical exercise

7.    You should do the following after having meal

  • Walking to at least 100 foot steps
  • Sit in Vajrasana (only one pose recommended after the meal) to help digest the food
  • Take Milk or Fruits after one hour

8.     What you should AVOID eating the following combinations
  • During the night avoid Yogurt/Curd and/or heavy/deep fried food
  • Along with Milk, you should not eat Yogurt/Curd or sour items, fish or jack fruit
  • Never eat Honey and Ghee in equal amount together
  • Rice pudding and Kichari at the same time

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