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What is Tantric Sex?

Have you ever wondered what is Tantric Sex? You will find tons of books on it, let’s keep it simple for understanding without going into too many details.

First of all, Tantra and Sex are two different things. Tantra is a big body of knowledge. Tantra embraces everything, it does not deny anything and it does not consider Sex as sin. Tantra emphasizes that if you live your life skillfully, then you can have enjoyment, fulfillment, accomplishment as well as liberation and freedom.

In the Tantric text, “Maithuna” is the actual word used for sexual union, which means making two bodies as one. It is also important to mention that any form of tantric practice uses yogic tools and techniques. Tantric Sex is part of the left-hand path of Kaula School of Tantra. The Sexual Union or “Maithuna” is just one of the rituals out of many rituals of the left-hand path, whereas Hatha Yoga or Kundalini Yoga practices are part of the right-hand path.

If I have to put into simple word - Tantric Sex is meditative sex.

As per Tantra, there are three purposes of sexual union (Maithuna), each requires proper knowledge and skills. 

1. Pleasure & Healing – The majority of us are simply looking for pleasure, and Tantra says if this desire is approached skillfully with the right knowledge, pleasure and satisfaction can be greatly enhanced, and in many cases, self-healing starts to happen. The approach here is different than regular sex. Kamasutra is just one of the popular texts on sexual acts but it does not really talk about Maithuna ritual but other tantric texts do.

2. Procreation –Few people turn towards Tantra for procreation practice unless they are having challenges or unique desires in their relationship. Many Rishis or Seers in ancient times used the knowledge of Tantra for the desired quality of the child. To mention a few, knowledge of Astrology and Ayurveda are used along with some rituals for this purpose.

3. Transcendence – Very rare ones are actually looking for Samadhi or Transcendence using a sexual union, but this is the real aim of this ritual. Without systematic guidance and practice, one can easily fall into the trap of pleasure mode. But once you have moved beyond pleasure and procreation, this process becomes a very specialized ritual, in which the male and the female energy is used to energize or activate the Vajra Nadi which is connected with sexual energy for higher spiritual power.

Regular Sex vs Tantric Sex

There is a difference between regular sex and tantric sex, regular sex is more based on instinct, and most creatures generally do not need to acquire special knowledge as it comes naturally to them, but tantric sex is more based on purpose and awareness, you need to acquire knowledge, skills and how to apply appropriately for your desired purpose.  Some tantric term the regular sex as monkey sex.


The ideal purpose of the Sexual Union ritual is for Transcendence or spiritual awakening. But this can be only practiced if the first two desires – pleasure and procreation have been fulfilled or one has moved beyond them, else one can get stuck in pleasure mode.

The act is one but intent or purpose is different. The first two desire focuses on enjoyment, fulfillment (Bhoga) and accomplishment (Bhukti), but the last one focuses on liberation (Mukti) and freedom (Apavaraga). So, the definition of Tantric Sex will depend on your desired purpose and where you are in your life. It can be compared to the state of popular yoga practices of today. The main purpose of practicing yoga is to go beyond body and mind for transcendence, but most people do yoga practices for staying fit & healthy, overcoming stress or for other therapeutic purposes. In either case, one has to be healthy first and must fulfill the basic desires, else unfulfilled basic desires can become the impediment or obstacle in spiritual awakening.      

Finding a Teacher

There is a limited number of good teachers available who teaches tantric sex, especially for pleasure and energetic healing. But finding a teacher for procreation goal is difficult. It requires a different set of knowledge and experience. The most difficult one is to find a skilled teacher and prepared students for the purpose of transcendence.