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Religion, Faith and God

Religions do not teach unity but create divisions in society. Religions can be divided into two groups.

One group follows the prophets but does not believe in inner experience. These religions are actually cults and are full of rituals, fear, guilt, and fanaticism.

Another group has vast spiritual literature, but the followers are exploited by priests who involve them in rituals without explaining their purpose or establishing their validity.

Both types of religion have been exploiting humanity.

Religions have two great weapons to conquer the hearts of their followers - Faith and Grace.

The way Faith described in religious scriptures is not actually faith at all, but a blind belief based on ignorance & rigidity of tradition.

Tradition and Truth are entirely different. Tradition is based on custom, culture, habits etc.  but Truth is a search of ultimate reality.

True faith is supported by pure reason, which is attained through thoughtful analysis of life.

Religious dogma tempts to the human mind with promises of the vision of God, it does not clarify and define the concept of God.

One who simply believes in God without understanding what God really is, closes the door to further knowledge, learning and cannot experience the inner dimensions of life.

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Note: I found these powerful and enlightening words while reading a book by Swami Rama, I was compelled to post.