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Buddha explanation on existence of God

Once it happened: Buddha entered a village. A man asked him as he was entering the village, "Does God exist?" He said, "No, absolutely no." In the afternoon another man came and he asked, "Does God exist?" And he said, "Yes, absolutely yes." [More]

What happens when you die

Have you ever thought or been curious that what happens when we die? Following text I read in “Vasistha’s Yoga”. I do not know if you believe in this or not, does not matter but it was very interesting to me so thought to put it here. May be you will like,surprise or think otherwise. Here it goes…. [More]

Four Goals of Life

In Indian Vedic tradition, it is taught that we are born to fulfill achieve the following four goals, aims, desires or purpose in our life. These are called Purushartha, these are the reasons we are born for. They are - 1. Dharma 2. Artha 3. Kama 4. Moksha [More]

Swami Vivekananda – Chicago Speech - Audio

Swami Vivekananda was the first Spiritual Master who introduced the knowledge of Vedas in the West. He started this movement of spiritual connection of East and West. Later, many spiritual masters followed his path and still continuing. I had only read his speeches in books but today I found audio version on web which were given by beloved Swami Vivekananda more than a century ago (Sept 11th - 27th, 1893) at World Parliament of Religions in Chicago. It gives me an immense pleasure to collect these links from Web and put them together for everyone. [More]

Let’s Face It

In our life, we face problems every day. Most of them are created by our own actions. Many times we get scared by just thinking, how will we handle it, what are we going to do or what will happen to me? We immediately start thinking of either getting rid of the problem some way or other. But no matter what, problem does not disappear on its own we have to go through the problem, whether we like it or not. At the end of each problem, they make us stronger and give us an ability to face much bigger problem in life. [More]

History of Yoga, Tantra and Vedanta

In this post, I would like to summarize the historical development of Yoga, Tantra, and Vedanta in progressive order from ancient time until now. The duration mentioned in the respective periods are approximate and for easier understanding. [More]

Spiritual meaning of Swastika

A recent experience happened with my friend made me to think and write this article to educate those people who are not fully aware of the Swastika symbol used by different cultures and traditions. The word “swastika” comes from the Sanskrit word Svastika. The true meaning is given as [More]

The Four Wives

Once upon a time, there lived a king who had four wives. He adored his fourth queen so much that he always used to gift her with loads of ornaments and other such adornments. She was inseparable from the king and a perpetual accompaniment wherever he went. [More]

Types of Karma

The word Karma came from Sanskrit word “Kri”, it means “to do”. Karma means not only action, but also the result of an action. The consequence of an action is a part of the action, and cannot be divided from it. Karma is a neutral, self-perpetuating law of the inner cosmos. [More]