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Yoga - Your Past, Present and Future

What does it mean to say that yoga is your past, present and future? Yogic wisdom teaches that practicing “Asana” primarily affects your relationship to your past, “Pranayama” affects your relationship to the present and “Dhyana or Meditation” primarily affects your relationship to your future. How? Let’s dive in… [More]

Personal Practice - Dr. Francisco, Marietta, GA

Dr. Francisco Silva is one of the best Piano teacher in GA. I happened to meet him and his wife in early 2014 in a yoga class I was teaching. Soon he became interested in taking private lessons, since then he has been my student. false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE [More]

How to Practice

I was reading Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, came across this beautiful knowledge. It explains about Practice, and what makes someone's practice pure. There are three qualifications for practice. [More]

How to deal with people?

We meet a different kind of people in our daily life; some are friends, family members or acquaintances. We experience that each of them behaves or act differently. Sometime some of them may act in such a way that in few moments we simply lose peace of our mind or we do not know how to handle them appropriately so that our peace of mind stays intact. Here is a way to first determine the type of a person and then utilizing the right key for our own peace. [More]